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3-D Modeling & Rendering

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This is a brief description of the service ...

Key Benefits over hand-drawn and painted architectural renderings

  • More control over the final product - 3D modeling allows the customer to choose views from any angle, any
    perspective and any time of the day or season.
  • Multiple realistic and spatially-correct views
  • Choose or change colors and textures quickly
  • Allow for several styles of final rendering from photo-realistic to artistic
  • Allow for different sizes of final renderings; from large-scale mountings to brochures and post cards
  • Reproducible and scaleable artwork for transmission to clients and media outlets
  • ALL OF WHICH provide a more cost-effective project bottom-line since changes DO NOT require starting
    over from scratch


  • 3D Commercial and Private architectural modeling for site & spatial study
  • Facade color and material investigation
  • Architectural sun-studies
  • Product marketing media & brochures


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